Coach Whitehead

Coach Whitehead

I am entering my 9th year of teaching and my 2nd year at Arvada West.

Physical Education Teacher, FCA Sponsor, Assistant Football and Assistant Baseball Coach.  
My classes and schedule is:
Fall Semester
Block 1: Lifetime Fitness (Room E 127)
Block 2: Weight Training (Room E 141 )
Block 3: Planning / Study Hall  (Room E 141 A / Commons)
Block 4: Weight Training (Room E 141)
Block 5: Lifetime Fitness (Room E 127)
Block 6: Planning (E 141 A)
Block 7: Football (E 141)

Spring Semester
Block 1: Lifetime Fitness (Room E 127)
Block 2: Weight Training (Room E 141)
Block 3: Weight Training (Room E 141)
Block 4: Planning (Room E 141 A)
Block 5: Planning (Room E 141 A)
Block 6: Weight Training (Room E 141)
Block 7: Lifetime Fitness (Room E 127)

Connection: 9:35 am - 11:05 am (E 127)

My office hours are 7:15 am - 7:55 am Monday/Tuesday/Friday in E 141 A 
If you need to contact me outside of office house please do so by:
Voicemail: 303-982-5987

*We use Google Classroom for all assignments and assessments.  Select your class and it will take you directly to your Google Classroom page.
*Please look at the Athletics Website for information about Sports and Game Schedules.