General Information & Syllabus

General Information & Syllabus for Spanish 1 & Spanish 3 Honors

Please read through all of the information on this page  as well as the department syllabus with your student.   Link for   Spanish 1 Department Syllabus  Link for Spanish 3 Syllabus

Then fill out the provided Google Form located at the bottom of this document that confirms that you understand my expectations.  

 *Your student will need to be signed in to their Jeffco Google Account to access the form.
Filling out the Google Form at the bottom of this page is a 10 point grade for your student and is due 8/23


Click the "Contact Me" link on the left & it will send me an email.  E-mail is the most effective way to contact me.  * Please include your student's name & class period when emailing me.

E-mail:   (Copy & Paste)     
Phone #:  303-982-3190   
When calling, please leave a voice mail. I'll return calls A.S.A.P. usually within a 24 hour school day.

I hope that if you need to contact me with any questions or concerns that you will feel free to do so.  I am available during office hours by appointment or walk-in.  If someone has an appointment they will receive priority. I am also available during Connections and am at the school most days for at least a half an hour after school is over.
If  you are stopping by after school please let me know.

Students are expected to have parked their device and be in their desk when the bell rings.  Students arriving late will be expected to fill out a tardy pass and put it on my desk.  This is important for attendance to be accurate.  


Please bring the supplies listed on department syllabus AND...  Colorful pens (Corrections) and highlighters (Notes)


  • All students will place their phones in an assigned spot of an organizer before the beginning of class.  
  • If a student is caught with a / their phone, the first time - the phone will be confiscated and we will talk at the end of class.  Further cell phone confiscations will be given to security and a formal referral will be written to the student's administrator.
  • If a student does not have a / their device they should speak with me before class.  They will have to park a replacement place holder for their phone.   Failure to park a device/replacement will result first in a conversation.  Continued failure to park will result in a basic detention with me and further infractions may result in a referral for not refusal to follow class policy.  

Spinners & Fidget toys etc.  will not be allowed in class unless specified on a specific learning plan (IEP).   They will be confiscated & returned at the end of the class. If it is a regular problem, they will be available for pick up at the end of the day.

Homework is assigned daily and is time for practice.  
Homework is due the next day unless posted otherwise.  
Homework is posted on the board & my website each Monday for the entire week. 

Homework and participation are graded together, are valued at 50 points and receive a grade every 2 to 3 weeks.  

Homework should always be completed* and ready for class each day before the bell rings. Most of the homework assigned, not all, is done in the student workbook.  Some assignments will be graded and receive credit based on performance as well as receiving daily points.  Students should use corrected homework for study purposes.

 *Complete is defined as no blanks or skipped questions and done to the best of their ability.  Errors happen.  It is not acceptable to have incomplete answers or nonsense written down simply to fill the space. The majority of home work will be corrected independently, by the student during class, so that each student can focus on whatever they need to in order to make progress.

* Late work will be accepted as per the department policy at 50% credit within each 6 week grading window. 


Homework & Participation- How it is graded:

Why participate?   - Participation is important when learning a language.  Only by trying to work with the language can one learn how to speak it.  It can seem difficult at times because there may be fear of making mistakes.  I have good news!  Errors are accepted and expected in this class.  Everyone will make mistakes. What I am looking for is your best effort.  This means that you give an answer that makes sense to the best of your ability. 


What does participation look like?   Homework is done on time and corrected in class. Students answer as a group.  Students raise their hand and volunteer and answer when called upon.  I can call on you for an answer.

Homework & Participation - Detailed Explanation (50 pts every 2-3 weeks) - Each day that a student comes to class and their homework is complete (no blanks or nonsense answers) they will receive a stamp on their "tarea" sheet. Incomplete homework or lack of homework will result in a -2 being written in.  Completed late homework (in a 6 week grading period) will go from a -2 to a 1/2.  Students are responsible for keeping track of the sheet.  If an entire class has their homework complete they will each receive an extra point on their sheets.  Most Punches and Stamps can be received on tarea sheets as students participate voluntarily when asked to do so.  Simply their best effort will earn the punch/stamp.  

*If a student forgets their sheet they can have their homework stamped directly to transfer later. I do ask them to date it. 

*If a student turns in homework from being absent I will mark the date by circling the stamp.  When turned in, I will look to make sure the absence is excused. Only excused absences will receive full credit. If the absence is unexcused the work will receive 1/2 credit as per department & district policy.

*I also ask students to write in their absences and test dates.  If a tarea sheet is completely lost students may come in during office hours by appointment or connections and evidence their work to build a new sheet and will receive some participation points for doing so. 

If a student receives a 0/50 for a tarea sheet it is important that they come see me immediately so that we can discuss a solution in a timely manner.

The Scale:(Every 2 -3 Weeks)
The number on the left represents homework & participation combined.  (Stamps & Punches) IMPORTANT: (Please note that 5 independent points  are needed to receive a grade.) 

Homework + Participation (Level 1)
 19 = 50  17-18 = 45     
 14-16      = 40                                  
 11-13 = 35             
  6-10       = 30   
  5 =  25        
  0-4  =  0                                                                     
Homework + Participation (Level 3) 
22         = 50    
18-21       =  45       
14-17       =  40 
11-13       =  35  
 6-10        =  30   
 5   =  25   
 0-4 =  0

Incomplete/missing homework assignment will only receive 1/2 credit.

*Grade book note for  Spanish 3 Honors
The weighted grade for Spanish 3 Honors consists of the following:
Assessment (may include some projects) - 50%
Learning Activities (traditional) 20%
Honors Extensions 20%
Final Exam 10%

Speaking grade
 Level 3 students are expected to use as much Spanish as possible in the classroom environment.  They are allowed to mix Spanish and English if necessary to communicate effectively. Students receive a grade for this speaking participation.  Their points reflect the student using as much Spanish as they seem/are capable of.  Excessive use of English can cause loss of points. This means that students are using English for words or phrases that are basic and should be able to use in  the language.  "Gracias for Thank you" is an example. Students may ask to look at their grade during office hours by appointment or connections at any time to keep track of their personal progress. At the beginning of the year it is expected that they will need some time to get used to the concept and I expect to hear more English.  As the semester progresses I expect that their use of Spanish will also. I will  begin assessing this during the second or third week of the semester.

*Please make sure you have also read the department syllabus before filling out the Google Form. 

*Students will need to be signed in to their Jeffco Schools Google Account. 

Click Here   Semester 2 Parent Form


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