2018-2019 School Year   Mr. Vaughn’s Class Expectations                  Email: Be Respectful:

  • You will treat this classroom and everything in it with respect, it is not yours.  

  • Don't get up in the middle of class while someone is addressing the class. It can wait for a break.

  • Be ready when the bell rings and pack up after the bell rings. It is incredibly rude to pack up early.

  • You may not leave your seat and move towards the door before the bell rings.



  • Water and Coffee are OK. Since I will have coffee from time to time, I will not have a double standard.

Tardy/Absence Policy:

  • If you are tardy, get a pass. Tardy's come out of your participation grade.

  • Unexcused absences will come out of your participation grade as well.

  • It is your responsibility to get make up work, notes, handouts, or anything you may have missed while absent.

Cell Phones:

  • No Cell Phones-Cell phones should be placed in your assigned sleeve.  This is how I take roll so please do not forget.  They must remain in the sleeve during the entire class (even if you leave to use the restroom).

  • If your phone becomes an issue you will automatically lose ALL of your participation points for that 6 week grading period. If it is a continuing problem I will ask you to leave the classroom and send you to the SIR.

  • Take headphones off when you enter the room. I will let you know when it is an appropriate time for music.

Bathroom Policy:

  • Do not interrupt the class to ask for a bathroom break. Wait for an appropriate time to ask

  • If you are gone for an extended period of time or use the bathroom too frequently, it will come out of your participation grade.


  • You will need a notebook that is exclusively for this class.

  • You will be required to take notes and complete certain assignments in your notebook.


  • Communicate with me. Learning communication skills now, leads to success later.

  • Do not wait until the end of the semester to talk to me about your grade, by that time it is too late.

  • Please do not hesitate to talk to me about an issue, I am here to help you succeed and I am happy to do that.

  • The only way you will fail this class is if you want to. Not showing up & not turning in assignments will ensure failure


  • You will have 4 categories that make up your grade

  1. Class work Print your Name:______________________________

  2. Tests and Quizzes

  3. Participation          Signature:______________________________

  4. Homework

If you have any issues or concerns feel free to see me before school or during Connections

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