ESL English 1-3



Welcome to ESL English class at Arvada West HS! This is going to be a successful year because you will improve your academic reading, writing, and discussion skills. This syllabus is designed to help you understand what is expected of you during the class and to inform you about what we will be studying this year.

 Classroom Procedures and Policies

There are three rules in our classroom:  Respect, Responsibility, and Integrity.

  1. Respect:  The expectation is that you demonstrate respect to yourself, your fellow students, your teacher, and the classroom itself. 
  2. Responsibility:  You are responsible for showing up to class on time and prepared.  By prepared, I mean that you have the materials you need for the class, and you have your homework with you.
  3. Integrity:  This means that you are not only truthful with yourself but with your fellow students and your teacher as well.  If you make a mistake, you are expected to own that mistake and tell the truth.  If all of us behave with integrity in all of our interactions, we can find success in this class and in life.


Course Description

This course is designed for students who speak English at an intermediate level. In this class, we will work on all four language areas:  listening, speaking, reading and writingESL English focuses on primarily on reading and writing. 

We will be using Write Source textbooks, the EDGE textbooks (orange and blue levels) as well as Shining Star Level A (the blue book), NEWSELA online, No Red Ink, and  All of these resources provide systematic language development as well as literacy instruction. There will also be additional reading resources provided to prepare students for state and district standardized English assessments.

Course Topics

During this course, we will be studying the following units:

Unit 1                     Conflicts: Person vs. Person

Unit 2                     Conflicts: Person vs. Nature/ Supernatural

Unit 3                     Mysterious Ways / True Self

Unit 4                     Genre Study: Conflicts in Short Fiction Person vs. Society

Unit 5                     Choices & Opinions / Editorial

Unit 6                     Choices:  Cause and Effect

Unit 7                     Choices: Persuasive Argument

Unit 8                     Genre Study:  Investigative Report

Teacher: Mr. Clifford

ESL (English as a Second Language) &

English Teacher Arvada West HS, Room B-218

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You will need to bring the following materials to class every day:

ESL English 3:

  • a spiral notebook that you leave in the room (exclusive for this class)
  • a pen
  • lined loose leaf paper


Grading Scale

I use this grading scale at Arvada West High School.  Your grades are calculated as follows:


A = 90 - 100%      Student shows advanced understanding of the subject

B = 80 - 89%        Student is proficient in their understanding of the subject

C = 70 - 79%        Student is sometimes proficient in their understanding of the subject

D = 60 - 69%        Student is partially proficient in their understanding of the subject matter.

F = 59%                 Student is not proficient in their understanding of the subject matter.

ESL English 3

Daily Work – Class participation, homework, group work, online assignments


Quizzes – In class writings


Writing Projects & Tests


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I would like you and your parents to read this syllabus carefully and sign below.  Return the signed syllabus to me by next Friday, August 28, 2018 for 10 daily work points. No syllabus turned in equals zero points for this assignment.

I have read the course description and student contract and I agree to follow class rules and complete assignments.

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