Mr. Grose

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1st Period: Planning (Rm. 127)
2nd Period: Earth Science (Rm. 121)
3rd Period: Planning (Rm. 127)
4th Period: Honors Earth Science (Rm. 121)
5th Period: Astronomy (Rm. 121)
6th Period: Astronomy (Rm. 121)
7th Period: Geology (Rm. 121)

I am a REAL Colorado native and grew up in Colorado Springs and Golden.  I am a graduate of the Jefferson County School District, graduating from Golden High School in 1975.  I have worked in the private sector as an exploration geologist and environmental engineer in addition to my teaching career.  I am married and have two grown children.  I like to travel, ski, and camp in the Colorado mountains. 

My second career is as a soccer referee for youth, high school, and adult leagues.  Since there are a number of indoor facilities, there is very little break from soccer throughout the year.


M.S.,   1990    Geological Engineering          Colorado School of Mines,       Golden, CO

B.A.,    1985    Geology                                University of Colorado,           Boulder, CO



I have over 15 years of professional experience as a geologist/hydrogeologist working for an independent oil and gas exploration company and several environmental consulting firms.  As an exploration geologist, I evaluated potential oil/gas prospects in the mid and western United States.  As an environmental geologist/engineer I conducted a variety of surface and subsurface geological and geophysical investigations for surface and subsurface contamination.  I also was involved in numerous soil and groundwater remediation projects in 13 western states.

I have 19 years of teaching experience at the middle and high school levels.


My interest in teaching stems from my desire to make a positive impact on the lives of the children I teach.  I would like to empower students with the desire and ability to learn.  Learning and education are life-long endeavors that are the most important aspect of the maturing process from childhood to adulthood.  They are also the keys to leading a productive and enjoyable life. 

A child´s feeling of self worth is greatly enhanced when they set goals, work hard to achieve those goals, and get a feeling of accomplishment with what they have set out to do.  I feel proud and honored to be a part of that mentoring process by encouraging and guiding students along that path.