Summer Reading

Summer Reading instructions for the 2018-2019 school year are attached below. Please be aware that your student's work will be due on the first day of school in August. Also, you will need to be signed into your Jeffco Gmail account to access the links.  

  Purpose of this page 

The goal of this page is to allow current and incoming Arvada West students to familiarize themselves with the AWest summer reading program, the book list from which they should select their summer reading book, information on the summer reading project that will be due upon their return to school in the fall, and tips and tools for note taking. 

 Please look at the assignments below carefully. The document links can be found at the bottom of this page

Regular 9-12: complete the whole school assignment.

Honors 10, AP 11, and AP 12: Do not complete the whole school assignment.  Only complete what the specific course asks for. 

  Tips for Taking Notes:

Tip #1: Remember that each reader is different.  Learn what kind of reader you are and honor that.  For example, if you know that you get distracted easily, then find a quiet place to read.  If you know reading isn't your favorite thing to do, then start your book earlier rather than later.  Don't worry how fast a reader you are or how slow.  Read at your own pace. 

Tip #2: Remember that ALL readers struggle sometimes.  Identify when you are struggling.  Reread if you need to or try another strategy, like jotting down questions on post-it notes and tucking them in the book to ask someone later.

Tip #3: Remember your purpose for reading.  While all of the English teachers hope that each of you will enjoy these books, keep in mind that enjoyment is not your only purpose.  Since you are going to be assessed on your reading, you have to remember that one of your purposes is to read for information!

Tip #4: Remember, each reader brings different experiences and understanding to each text, so look through the various tools and tips in order to choose and use the one or ones that best suit your needs. If something doesn't quite work for you, then feel free to modify it until it does or try another.


2018-2019 Arvada West High School Summer Reading Assignment (Whole School) 

10 Honors Summer Reading 

11 AP Summer Reading

12 AP Summer Reading