English 10

Welcome to English 10!

Important Information:

* Class assignments and 
announcements are on Google Classroom. 
* Important due dates will be posted on the English 10 Calendar. 
* Best way to contact me, when you aren't in my class, is through email. 
* Students will not have access to their phones while in my room, so please plan communication needs accordingly. 
* My focus for evaluating students work is based on Growth! Please see the
Grade Overview and Course Syllabus document below. It is important to understand this, as it is a new way of thinking. 
* Students, you are in-charge of your learning as you are the ones in my room. If you aren't present in class, it makes owning your learning that much harder. 
* Communication is key (either in person or through email).
* Be ready for a challenge!!

For a more broad overview, please visit the document below to view the syllabus.